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    Genetics Tutorial

    Our tutorial provides the background you need to navigate the field of genetics today.

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    Genetics Today

    New technologies are changing the field of genetics at a pace unparalleled in modern history.

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    Genetic Testing

    Genetic testing is now standard practice in medical care. We provide an introduction to genetics and some of the ethical questions raised by new technologies in the field.

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    Case Studies

    New genetic technologies raise difficult ethical questions. We present complex case studies that ask "what would you do?".

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    Do you know what a GMO is or how they are created? Learn here.

Learn More About Genetics

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How Well Do You "KnowGenetics"?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge.

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Common Misconceptions

We dispel misunderstandings that lead to confusion about genetics.

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Case Studies

Each case study presents a moral or ethical dilemma related to genetics. Vote on which action you believe is the most ethical choice.

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Genetics Generation Teamed Up with Nature Publishing Group!

Please click here to visit the site and find more compelling case studies on genetics and ethics.

Case Study in DNA Fingerprinting: Weblink

Case Study in GM Foods: Weblink

Case Study in Forensic Paternity Testing: Weblink

Case Study in DNA, Privacy and Human Cloning: Weblink

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