What is a Genetic Counselor?

A genetic counselor is a healthcare professional who has received graduate education and training in medical genetics and counseling. Genetic counselors inform and advise individuals and families on their risk for inheriting certain diseases and the treatment options available. Genetic counselors are responsible for interpreting and analyzing the results of genetic testing. In addition, they can work with individuals who are at risk for developing specific disorders and educate them on risk probability, lifestyle changes, and preventative treatment measures. They can specialize in specific areas, such as prenatal genetic testing or cancer genetic testing. Genetic counselors work in private practices or hospital/clinic-based settings. Physicians or other healthcare practitioners often refer patients who have family history of a specific disease to genetic counselors.

A table with four squares and three rows.More information can be found at the National Society of Genetic Counselors website: http://www.nsgc.org/


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